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Step One


Sign-up for a credit service and complete all required information including selecting a credit monitoring service and registering for client portal access. With Client portal access you can share documents, access credit reports, track progress and communicate with your Credit Specialist.

Step Two


An experienced Credit Specialist will schedule an initial consultation to provide you with an extensive credit analysis, providing you with a quick credit audit of your report. Together, you will identify all inaccurate tradeline items on your report.

Step Three


Credit Analysis Results: 

      For clients requiring restoration, we load all inaccurate tradeline information into our system and begin to challenge questionable information with the credit bureau, creditor, and collector. 

      For clients requiring financial analysis, we build a current state budget and work with you to define a future state financial plan. 

Step Four


Restoration vs Budget Planning: 

      For restoration, we monitor furnisher, creditor, agency responses, and process responses received- expect responses to take between 35 – 40 days from submission.  

      For budget planning, we work with you to apply necessary changes to your spending and savings habits. 

Common Inaccurate Credit Information 


When fixing your credit is our goal, we work hard to correct, update, or remove legitimate inaccurate information. Some common inaccuracies are found in items listed below: 

  • 5 Late pays
  • 5Tax liens
  • 5Inquiries
  • 5 Short sales
  • 5 Collection accounts
  • 5 Identity Theft
  • 5Charge-offs
  • 5 Account sold
  • 5 Authorized users
  • 5Bankruptcies
  • 5Outdated
  • 5 Medical bills
  • 5Repossessions
  • 5Foreclosures
  • 5Duplicates
  • 5 Child support

More In-Depth Information on How it Works 


More on Initial Consultation & Credit Analysis

  • Review your credit report for inaccurate personal information.
  • Review your credit report for inaccurate trade-line items.
  • Build a plan on how to resolve inaccurate information.
  • Build a plan to build or raise your credit score.

More on Credit Restoration Services

  • Send credit disputes on inaccurate trade-line information.
  • Process responses and client correspondence.
  • Provide ongoing credit education.
  • Update clients with educational material.