Michael Mitchell

Chief Energy Officer, CEO

Transformative Credit Leader | Empowering Financial Wellness | Driving Sustainable Growth

At 4Credology, we believe in breaking down barriers and making financial empowerment accessible to all.  My team is your financial credit confidante and the driving force behind our innovative solutions. We embrace technology, simplify processes, and celebrate victory, because at the end of the day, your financial success is our greatest reward. Our leadership philosophy is simple: transparency, personalized support, and relentless commitment to client success. We Make Credit Human and Education Made Easy!

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Melissa St. Germain

Business Operations Manager

Credit Expert | Stuart of Quality | Elevating Business Relationships

My passion shines brightest when exercising unwavering dedication to a positive client experience. I champion a culture of understanding ensuring every client seeking credit improvement feels seen, heard, and empowered throughout their journey. I support challenges and aspirations of women in business. I enjoy building meaningful partnerships to introduce 4Credology as the trusted credit advocate for ambitious women on the rise. Be the You that’s Always Approved!

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JD Hall

Sales Manager

Lead Wrangler | Closer Extraordinar | Neighborhood Friend | Credit Cowboy 

Howdy! JD Hall here, your guide to financial well-being at 4Credology. While my Texas roots instilled a strong work ethic, my true passion lies in helping individuals achieve their financial goals. Consider me your financial huckleberry, navigating the sometimes-challenging path to financial security. Building relationships and understanding your unique needs are priority to my approach. Just like a great fishing trip, success depends on detail planning and commitment. So, whether you’re a seasoned commercial client or just starting your financial journey, let’s explore how 4Credology can empower you to reach your financial goals.

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